Rodman's week was a total drag


Smallticket Jordan questions Rodman's motivation

After the Chicago Bulls lost to the Miami Heat on Saturday, Michael Jordan suggested that perhaps teammate Dennis Rodman was losing his motivation.

"Dennis has had a tough week, really hasn't been in a good rhythm," Jordan said. "He hasn't been playing solid defense. The last couple of guys he's faced have played well, and he has not met the challenge. Maybe he's lost motivation. Let's hope it's only one week."

Granted, with Luc Longley injured, sometimes the 6-foot-8 Rodman is guarding the opposing center. But a glance at the last four power forwards Rodman has lined up against is a good indication that he's getting worked over.

Dec. 3: Bulls 107, Bucks 104
Min. Pts. Reb. Asst.
Vin Baker 47 20 16 5
Dennis Rodman 36 2 12 5

Dec. 5: Bulls 114, Clippers 96
Min. Pts. Reb. Asst.
Loy Vaught 40 19 14 3
Dennis Rodman 39 0 14 3

Dec. 7: Heat 83, Bulls 80
Min. Pts. Reb. Asst.
P.J. Brown 43 11 14 2
Dennis Rodman 38 4 18 2

Dec. 8: Raptors 97, Bulls 89
Min. Pts. Reb. Asst.
Popeye Jones 44 12 18 1
Dennis Rodman 34 4 11 6

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