Rodman to play some games for free?

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Clinton: Rodman should set example for youth

CHICAGO -- Dennis Rodman apparently has taken some of President Clinton's advice to heart, even vowing to play some games for free.

Clinton, in a television interview aired Thursday, encouraged Rodman to be a better role model, and suggested the Chicago Bulls star admit that it was wrong to kick a cameraman.

Rodman, suspended without pay for 11 games after kicking a courtside cameraman in Minneapolis on Jan. 15, told the Chicago Sun-Times on Thursday that he was thrilled that the president is a fan.

"It leaves me speechless," Rodman said. "This is the greatest thing I could have expected. I'll be back stronger than ever.

"But when I come back, I'm going to do something else that no player has ever done. I'm going to play for free. I feel I owe that to the Bulls."

Neither Rodman nor his agent, Dwight Manley, specified how many games the star rebounder will play for free.

"But it will be a significant number, and the proceeds will go to charity or the team," Manley said.

Rodman makes about $109,000 per game.

He apologized to cameraman Eugene Amos on Tuesday as part of a $200,000 settlement in exchange for an agreement not to prosecute, although Rodman says the kick was just "a tap."

Rodman wasn't the only Bulls player surprised that the president had taken an interest in the incident.

"I guess he doesn't have to worry about other things in this country, like crime, people getting killed and kids not being able to read," guard Ron Harper said.

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